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Bearfoot shoes are expertly crafted in Mexico using high-quality materials and US-sourced leather, not cheap plastics from overseas. The shoes are designed to compliment your foot’s natural shape and movement. Bearfoot footwear is built for longevity, promoting repair and reuse.

“I woke up on Friday, October 21, and couldn’t walk. This wouldn’t be such an issue on any other day, except I was in Columbus, Ohio, for the 2023 EliteFTS SWIS and was set to present on squatting and low back pain in just 4 hours.

 My foot felt like it was broken. I was racking my brain, wondering how this happened. I’d been walking 3-4 miles a day, every day, and just arrived after a 12-hour drive the day before. I learned I was walking in the wrong shoe — some super duper supportive Hoka’s. They were killing my feet, softly, with all of the cushion, heel raise, and over-supportive nature.

I learned on this particular weekend from Chris Duffin himself about the science of the shoes I was wearing and why they were the cause of my issues, and I was introduced to Bearfoot shoes.

All of my shoes are now Bearfoot Brand, and I highly suggest the Bearfoot, no matter if you’re into walking, trail hiking, lifting, or need comfortable shoes; It’s all I wear anymore.

I wear high-top Ursus to lift, low-top Oso to chill, and Bruins for style and comfort.


And so should you!” ~ Brian Carroll, First lifter to Squat 1300lbs--

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